Saturday, December 17, 2011

Amazing Asian Fashion: En Vogue, Taiwan Style

Living abroad is a constant adventure, I mean, just stepping outside to buy milk at 7-Eleven can mean life and death...
Every moment and breath can be exotic and enticing, drawing your senses to something so different and intoxicating...
But of course, this also means you have to put up with absolute absurdity too.
Like the taxi driver who rear-ends a motor scooter because he's so busy watching Korean boy dancers on his dashboard television, or the woman who falls over in her high heels because she is trying to walk and stare at your kids at the same time.
So I stare back. I'm not ashamed. Here is some of the awesome and amazing fashion I saw at Rebekah's Christmas Performance in the Park today. Enjoy.... Cringe, but enjoy!
From tiger stripped leotards to leather tassles hanging off boots... to fuzzy bathroom mat jackets and knock-off Gucci sunglasses... these Asian women re-define taste and class disntinction.
Wait... are we even going to discuss hairstyles... I know, I'm not one to talk, right... but is that the Korean dictator Kim Jung-Il, I thought he was dead?
Good to see Marry Poppins made an appearance as well.
This woman was just looking for some boiled quail eggs and roasted potato on a stick.
Of course, some fashion was just so good I had to catch it twice. Well played, bathroom mat lady... I fill my senses and dazzle me... always!

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