Monday, December 26, 2011

China Medical University Hospital

Now that's it's over, now that Xian is back home and the doctor visits do not involve stabbing needles from inept nurses in fake eye lashes poking holes, and doctors eating mayonaise sandwiches on break while my daughter is screaming for help.... I thought I would share some pictures of Xian's three weeks in the hospital.
It was a struggle. In the end, I have to say, "thanks," I mean, the technology and the doctor ability saved my daughter's life.
But I also believe they may have permanently damaged her.
Xian will have to speak to this herself, and she's getting to an age where she will soon be typing her own journals onto this blog, but the real pain inflicted from this hospital stay was not in the illness itself, but in the lack of any kind of suitable bedside manner.
My friend Paul was in the Taichung Hospital recently with a very serious malady, and he would speak in horror of nurses waking him up for meds by slapping his face and shoving needles into his skin multiple times until they found a correct vein.
I believed him at the time and just hoped I would never have to go through it.
But when Xian got sick, I knew we were in trouble.
And yes, we considered flying to Korea, or more dramatically, flying back to America if her conditioned worsened, but in the end... her little body toughed it out.
By the way, in checking out of the hospital, not one nurse said "goodbye."
Not one doctor stopped by to offer a "congratulation" or a pat on the back. NOT ONE!
So here's to you, China Medical University Staff... here's to your future.
Good luck, God Bless, and Good Riddance!

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