Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Crazy "Go Santa" Race of Taichung, Taiwan, 2011

Spent the night in the hospital again last night and when I got back to the apartment, my beloved People's Park was flooded with hundreds of Santas. I know... imagine my surprise? Was this a "Santa Flash Mob"? One could only hope. They were coming from every direction, arriving in taxis, parking motor scooters, stepping off buses, coming up from the basement of department stores, I could see them for blocks and only thought... these guys are way too skinny to play Kris Kringle!
But come they did... apparently there was a big "Go Santa" fun run that all the locals new about... I thought it was amazing and pretty cool to see the Taiwanese people actually doing something silly... just for the sake of silliness. Good Job, Taiwan!


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