Sunday, December 18, 2011

Dare I say, Offensive?

This year TIME Magazine listed its Person of the Year as: The Protester, which was kind of cool if you're a teacher because you get to have conversations with students about ways they can empower themselves and protest. Huh? They ask... me, a protester? Well, of course. People protest all the time: The way you spend your money, or the books you read, the TV shows you choose to watch, the content you search for on the internet, the conversations you have, the words you choose... all of those mark a conscientious person. So here goes…some things I saw over the weekend at the huge International School’s Christmas Party that I am protesting… Are they offensive or just something in the culture I need to accept? You decide. We start of course, with kids in goofy costumes being treated as toys by parents. I mean, seriously... are these sissy-boys the future possible suitors to my daughters...? Go whittle some wood kid... go build a tree house and learn to how to change a car tire...I need a country of strong men, not a half-nation of pretty boy backup dancers. Then again, these kids are pretty cute... but little girls in eye makeup? Aren't kids already growing up too quickly? And are we sending the right message to our kids when we tell them constantly how "cute" and "pretty" they are, and how it makes us "happy" to see only cute kids? I stood around for a couple of hours at the festival, and I thought the most offensive thing was when the school offered this huge donation to this Boys and Girls Foundation and they played the "Chariots of Fire" theme song when the poor, helpless orphans walked out to the stage to recieve the enormous check from the rich kids in school.... I thought that was the most offensive moment... Of course, I had yet to see the mentally handicapped adults being paraded out onto the stage in kiddie costumes to dance...yeah, that was coming later. And I don't mind ethnic fact... amid all the ice cream and candy usually associated with Christmas goodies, it's nice to see some natural food like... you know like... quail eggs? And this is another thing that baffles me, why is there so much fried food here. They fry everything in grease and oil. We're supposed to be teachers, people. We're supposed to be the best and the brightest in the culture. We raise other people's children... so why are we constantly feeding them greasy disgusting food? AND... this policy of a treat for everything... my kids don't need candy...they need hugs and encouragement and time to play and have fun... not guzzle cola and eat grease fried dough. Oh, and did I tell you they paraded the mentally handicapped people out to dance? You know, to Taiwan's credit, most of the time you don't even see disabled people in society. There is such a stigma attached to this. Go to other Asian countries and it's only recently that families have allowed these members out for their neighbors to see. But still... making them dance like children... I don't know. I guess, consider this blog a protest. You decide.

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