Monday, December 5, 2011

Kinu's Saturday Night Birthday Party!

Tis the season to be, thanks again to everyone who came out and celebrated Kinu turning 4!
There was great food and games and everyone had a relaxing good time. Kids of all ages and sizes had fun and moms and dads got a chance to talk about something other than work.
Taichung can be a big lonely city and certainly living the expatriate life has its drawbacks, but when eveyrone meets for a common reason the nights are memorable.
I got a lot of emails and texts about that, saying we should do it more often, and you're right. It was a lot of fun, so thanks everyone, especially to those who brought gifts and grub!
Of course, Kinu was a little shy during her candle blowing out, but singing Happy Birthday in five different languages helped... nice to have the international community seize the moment.
I mean, come on... even these guys had a good time... and they're hard to please.
And in the end, the house was a total disaster... but well worth the clean-up. So thanks, everybody..and we'll see you at your house for the Christmas party in a couple of weeks. Ha!

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