Thursday, December 15, 2011

Neruda Called His Wife, Amor

"I am indebted to my father for living... but to my teacher for living well." -Alexander the Great.
Yeah... I'm not above sending messages. I'm not above making a point. But sometimes I just have to do things to show how it's supposed to be done. So for no reason today I walked into the class and brought the students to order and then, very quietly, almost in a whisper, asked them to take off their shoes and show me their socks.
They did, of course, what kid doesn't want to stick their stinky, smelly sock in the air...but then I promised them half a Snickers bar for the kid who could come up with the most creative use of a sock in less then a minute... I got some good ones, pony tail warmer, shoe cover, pencil case, sock muppet... but Allen wins for chalk dust vacuum bag holder... the boy is a genius! Congrats to that's how you begin a poetry lesson on Neruda.

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