Sunday, December 18, 2011

Rebekah Performs at Christmas Pageant

Now before I go any farther, please know that whatever I have said or written about the International School's Christmas Presentation... you can throw it out the window because now I'm writting about my daughter Rebekah. How awesome is Rebekah? That is really the only question that surrounds her. She is our little helper, our sweetheart, our little lover. She takes care of others first and is only happy when her sisters are happy and everyone else is satisfied. If, like the song goes, we are to Thank Heaven for Little Girls... then I need to personally Thank God for this one! Having Big Sister in the hospital these last two weeks has been difficult, but nobody has taken it harder than middle Sis Bekah. So we took a break from hospital shifts and round the clock care, and headed out into the sunshine to watch Rebekah and her classmates dance to Jingle Bell Rock and The Tikki Room. Kinu, who sleeps in that antler headband, tagged along. She's like her dad and tries to avoid big crowds. Kudos to Teacher Dora and Mia, who have been such a constant help to my kids here. Truly, have blessed and enriched our experience here. You've not only taught my daughters Chinese, dance instructor too...? But you have become part of our extended family. Thanks for giving us such a nice memory. I have no idea where we will be in the next year, but days like today our worth everything, watching my daughters laugh and giggle, get on stage and perform something they have practiced and worked hard at, makes me very proud. Thank you. I mean... just look at these goofballs! What more could a guy ask for? That's right... I have the best thing in the world right in my arms.

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