Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Things Said to Me Walking into First Period after Sleeping on a Hospital Chair All Night

You’re late!
We didn’t miss you
You have my USB. Give it back
Hey, you promised us a Christmas Party yesterday but you were gone. You lied.
Where is the video?
We’ve seen this before.
We don’t want to sing Christmas songs
You’re a liar
You said there would be cake
Did you grade our essays yet? When can we have them back?
This is boring!
Where are the cookies?
Can’t we just sleep?
He hit me!
My father said, “Give this to your teacher and have him grade it.” He needs it back tomorrow.
He stole my book!
You wore that shirt last week
You are very ugly today
Yes, very tired.
You are old. You are going to die.
Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha
We hated the sub!
What are we doing today?

1 comment:

  1. Hi Brian,
    Your post made me laugh, if not cry. Believe me brother, we’ve all been there. Hate to say it, but that’s the Chinese educational system at work once again. People grow up doing just enough to not get yelled at, and it looks like your daughter is paying the price. Honestly, I’ve met a number of skilled practitioners with competent and compassionate staffs. You just have to search around for quality care. Unfortunately for Xian you’re stuck in China Medical which is a meatball surgery market.

    Keep the faith. Olive and I are praying for you guys.