Saturday, February 18, 2012

5th Day Market, Inle Lake

Every fifth day in the village of Inle Lake the Burmese villagers all gather in the central market to share their wares.
Strolling under hanging canvas tents and makeshift roofs... thumbing bins of dried fruits and stepping over sleeping dogs...
Bargaining for a scarf, crouching on a stool for some hot soup, smiling back at faces smiling at you.
Sometimes I wonder about my life... on days like these...the things I've seen, the places I've been.
The markets I've walked through, the dusty roads I've explored, the little alleyways I stepped down just because it was there.
Today I chatted with an old woman with tattooed face who smoked a thin bamboo cigarette about the warm weather...
Then drank a cold drink in the hot sun with a man cutting wood with a machete. He let me crank out a few whacks before taking back over. I gave him my water bottle.
Inside the little tent, beside an open fire range, a woman boiled the most deliciously spicy soup in a bowl big enough for a bath...
Her young son served us, refused to take a slice of pan bread from me, then took my picture with my own camera... his father came over to steady his hand.
It was a sweet moment, shared with this little family. The kind of moments only travelers know. I know. I hope you know them too, and believe it can be so.

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