Thursday, February 23, 2012

Blue Girls by John Crowe Ransom

"Twirling your blue skirts, traveling the sward
Under the towers of your seminary..." -John Crowe Ransom
"Go listen to your teachrs old and contrary
Without believing a word." -John Crowe Randsom
"Tie the white fillets then about your hair
And think no more of what will come to pass..." -John Crowe Ransom
"Than bluebirds that go walking on the grass
And chattering on the air." -John Crowe Ransom
"Practice your beauty, blue girls, before it fail;
And I will cry with my loud lips and publish..." -John Crowe Ransom
"Beauty which all our power shall never establish
It is so frail." -John Crowe Ransom
"For I could tell you a story which is true
I know a lady with a terrible tongue..." -John Crowe Ransom
"Blear eyes fallen from blue
All her perfections tarnished -yet it is not long
Since she was lovelier than any of you."  -John Crowe Ransom, 1924

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