Thursday, February 9, 2012

Boat Ride to Mingun

Took the day trip from Mandalay across the Arrawaddy River to the tiny village of Mingun.
Nice to be out on the water, somewhere away from the dust and dirt and garbage, probably the only place that isn't covered in trash.
Water does such strange things to a person, calms you, quiets you, makes the beating of your heart slow down as well and flow out of you.
Little outboard fishing boat with a top deck for passengers to sit and feel the sun on their cheeks.
But not me, I like to sit down in the belly of the ferry and let my toes drag along in the river stream.
Mingun is about a 90 minute ride from the Mandalay dock, it's a sleepy little village with a couple of small temples and a massive stone sculpture that is a pilgrimage to climb.
I like standing on the shore, like watching the water pass, like watching the little ships with fishing poles and the men smiling and waving as they ride by.
Little lazy sleeping men resting the morning away.
Pass by the little farms and the simple life.
That's why these mornings are so perfect, the simple life, riding along the water towards the sunshine.

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