Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Eden Hotel, Bagan Burma

Finally Bagan!
This is the mystical city that is supposed to rival Angor Wat, with over 4,400 Temples, Pagodas, and Stupas, it is meant to dazzle the senses. Yet I arrive exhausted in the dark and dusty street on the back of a truck with a bandana over my face... check into the dingy room, the water comes out brown and murky... kick off my boots, and fall helpless on the bed.
Tomorrow I've arranged a horse cart to drive me through the dirt and dust toward...well, I don't know... temples I believe, which I've come to see along with all the others.
I'm such a creature of habit. I dump my pack on the busted up bunk and roll up my t-shirts one by one and air out my socks and organize my little shaving bag all laid out next to my journal and flashlight and ziploc bag of medicine. Organization keeps me straight. Without it, I'd be lost in my own head too much.
There are always so many things I keep to myself. So many little secrets, I guess everyone has those too. I know there are so few people we tell things to, the really important things. It's easy to go through your life not telling anyone anything. So I sat down in the little bare lobby tonight under the naked light bulb watching moths dance and the horse carts roll by and I could hear the woman in the kitchen scrubbing pots and, well... what happened next was...

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