Monday, February 13, 2012

Famed U Bien Bridge at Amarapura

Skinned out to Amarapura on the back of a little flatbed truck, just bumping and hopping and spitting up dust on the way to a 2km long teak bridge over a rice field the locals call paradise.
Caught it just at the tip of afternoon where the sun was coming down over the lake, coolest part of the day it was.
Sometimes the distance is like this farraway dream that we swear is real if we can just get to it...touch it, prove it to ourselves.  That's what walking across this bridge is like.
Monks and peddlers, children in uniform riding atop bicycles, locals, pilgrims, farmers and fishermen, tourists and traders, all walk across these wooden planks.
While the men work.  Back breaking work.  Rice fields.  Knee deep in the muck and the weeds pulling out enough food to fee a nation.
Some things stay with you...not because of the distance you travel to make it real but because of the closeness you feel when it comes to you.
If ever there was a tree in need of a tree house...come on now, Burmese boys...get on this.
Such colors too.  Just vibrant and alive.
Even the lines speak to you... keep you straight but guessing.
This gaggle of gals just owned me, chatted me up and left me giggling.
If you look close...really close... you'll see what I mean.
It's all about timing.  Having perfect timing.  Isn't it?  What a lovely day, an absolute lovely day!

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