Tuesday, February 21, 2012

How Far is Faraway?

The following are all day trips by boat from Inle Lake, Burma.  Here, floating through the Hmong water villages posted up on stilts.
Most wooden canoes are equipped with outboard motors that jet along the water.  Price for a day trip: About 20 bucks U.S. Negotiable.
Famed Nga Phe Kyaung Monastery...also known as "Jumping Cats Monastery"
One might as well get lost here about the staggering number of white pagodas and stuppas... there wasn't a soul around and it felt eerie like some ghost town of graves.
Yeah... your typical Hartenstein pose...there were some workers around painting gold flakes onto the pagodas... they were breaking for some lunch.
I didn't stay for the jumping cats.
One of the dangers of going on these hired guide tours is that they stop at jewelry stores and iron works shops expecting you to buy something.  Everything is government run, and you get the idea that the people working there can keep their cushy lifestyle if tourists keep buying crap and they can give it completely to the government.
I hate being sold stuff.  I'd rather get out to In-dein Village and walk among the Hmong (come on, you want to say it too)
Stopping at the iron works here and being expected to shop is a bit of a downer... but soon I got back on the boat to further adventures downstream.
The thing is, I feel so far away... I have traveled so far away... perhaps I've lost a part of myself in all these places.  I guess the trick to travel is, keeping yourself in tact.  Tell me, how does one do that when they stretch themselves so thin across the world?

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