Saturday, February 25, 2012

Leaving the Way I Came

The thing is, you walk this world, you see things, and they stay with you and make you who you are.
You squat down in the dirt next to an old woman who is smoking and she laughs a toothless grin at you and you both watch the river float by... and that stays with you forever.
You climb on top of a train in India or make a nun blush in a cafe outside the Trevi Fountain or eat street kebabs in the Muslim quarter of Beijing...and you somehow feel different about the world.
Grander.  Larger.  Blessed in ways that normal people cannot grasp.  You've acquired something.
Travel intermixes in your DNA and reforms you, makes you a super mutant with extra-sensory powers of perception and grace.
Well... maybe not a mutant... but definitely some other worldly thing.
You know you're not alone either because there are so many others.  Crisscrossing and passing your way.  Living right under your nose.  Zipping by you in blurs.
But every traveler has the same thought.  They know they are witnessing magic.  They know when the moment is special, and most of all, they know... that when it is all over, they will return home while the people in this land stay, leaving the magic for another to find and keep for themselves alone.

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