Monday, February 20, 2012

The Most Amazing Day

Hired a boat driver and rode the long wooden canoe out into the cold air of Inle Lake, and yes... it was the most amazing day.
Out on the water, cresting along, freezing my tail off. I had to wrap my legs inside a dusty life-jacket.
Little outboard motor scooting poast the houses stuck up on stilts.
Long wooden canoes pass, cutting a path along the waves. Men paddle with their feet and long bamboo poles.
We'd stop and drift past the fishermen casting their nets, feeling the warm sunshine of morning, saying nothing because nothing needed to be said.
When you're in these moments, you know. The human heart knows these moments are rare and remembers. Time slows. Senses awake. You're traveling through time set on pause.
Inle Lake is one of those places that time has forgot. A thousand years have passed and it has stayed the same.
Traveling here is like being forgotten, like erasing your memory of everything you've ever known or everyone you've ever met.
Imagine a place that lets you forget, an elixir of lost memory. How amazing is that?
These were my thoughts floating along in the freezing sunlight at Inle Lake, wishing I would not forget.

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