Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Teakwood Inn, Lake Inle Burma

Running out of money and trying to survive on a shoestring budget, eating bread out of my pockets and kicking the dust off my boots, I checked into the lovely Teakwood Inn.
The Teakwood Inn is a cozy and cool little guest house that is booked up like crazy, so call ahead. There are 47 room, all about 17-to 25 bucks a night, with complimentary breakfast... strong black coffee... and actual mosquito netting over the bed.
Mrs. Lena runs a tight ship, so does her daughter and son, and she looks like a Burmese Queen as she greets you at the counter. Play hardball, because she only wants your crisp hundred dollar bills and sell you on touristy boat trips... but overall, she's helpful and well informed.
But the decor is the selling point, the long balcony on the second floor is perfect for that "getting away" feeling, boasting one of the best sunrises in the city... but the guesthouse also has bicycle rentals and a cool little garden for reading too.
But the best is the early morning jog, coming back just as the giant size avacados arrive from the market and the long lines of red-robed monks pass by single file filling up their rice jars. Don't forget to wake up early...

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