Sunday, February 5, 2012

White House Hotel / Guesthouse, Yangon Burma

The White House Hotel/Guesthouse in Yangon is a backpacker treasure. Tucked inside the Indian/Muslim Quarter down toward the water on 32nd street, the White House offers tiny closet-sized rooms (no kidding, open the door there's the bed, barely big enough for a suitcase) for $17 U.S. a night (actually, that's a total rip-off, isn't it?)  Call a couple of days ahead (Hint: have your hotel desk make the call for you), if you just show up at the door, you'll most likely get turned away.
Lonely Planet does a nice write up on the White House, but the real publicity came a few years back when the Discovery Channel came here for a little piece. It's probably due to the stairs. Yes, the White House has about a zillion stairs leading up to it's rooftop kitchen.
But the view going up is awesome! And although the interior is a little mesmerizing, the good natured English speaking owners at the desk offer great tips, informative maps, and help make arrangements for future stays. (Though my recommendation is, just visit one of the tour agencies in the Sakura Tower for train/bus tickets and hotel reservations, then head up to the 20th floor to the Sky Bistro for a look over the city).
Another note, few rooms actually come with a private bathroom. Sit down toilets are available down the hall, with limited privacy. Showers are across the small hallway and wake up early because hot water runs out around 7 a.m.
Finally, the coolest thing about the White House is the awesome Buffet Breakfast, which they say is the 'Best in the World,' but hardly. If you're lucky, they might bring out some avocado salad (the avocados in Burma are genetically altered, superhuman softball size, you will stand shocked at their size, totally delish!)but other than that, it's toast over hot coals and some stale coffee. Eat your bananas!  You'll find plenty here.  If your traveling in pairs it's good for what ails ya! The stairs, that is. It's not that hard getting up in the morning.


  1. hey man, cool blog. i just happened upon it while googling the White House in Yangon.

  2. Hi, Amazing blog :)

    Can you give the address of the white house hotel. Thanks

    1. Here's the White House Hotel address: 69/71 Kon Zay Dan St. As you're walking away from the main roundabout Sule Paya, the horizontal grid street numbers get smaller: 32, 31, 30, etc. It's between 27 and 26 streets and has a big red sign, like the picture above. Stroll up and down, you can't miss it. Good luck. Safe travels. -Brian Hartenstein