Saturday, March 3, 2012

Burmese Face Paint at Maha Bodhipagoda Temple

Stopping in at the Maha Bodhipagoda, the largest Hindi temple in Bagan.
While there, an Indian/Burmese woman ran up to me and started chattering away trying to sell me a long male 'longshan' skirt.
So we sat down and started talking and the woman asked me if I wanted to try the traditional clay mud face mask.
Almost everywhere you go in Burma, you see women and children who have faces covered in like this caked layer of yellow mud.
The Burmese people swear by it, saying it cools the skin from the heat, protects from the sunshine, and rejuvenates the body.
All I know is, it felt pretty good.
But then of course, I was stuck the rest of the day with mud all over my face...
So I bought a 'Longshan' to make up for it.
Who needs to wash their face?  Yeah.  Yeah.  I feel younger already.

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