Sunday, March 11, 2012

Crazy Night in Bangkok's Khao San Road

Flying out of Yangon I arrive in Bangkok and immediately take a taxi into the wild crazy scene of Asia's Most Famous Street.
There is literally nothing that cannot be seen or had in Bangkok's Khao San Road
In some ways it is like stepping into the future. Seedy and loud, overwhelming and in your face... here the groupie eccentric bourgeois backpacker set runs smack dab into the forward thinking and degenerate minded ruthless sellers of Thailand's "Anything Goes" group...and well... Khao San is born.
Hookah pipes and drunken revelers, street hustlers and listless whores, cross dressing strangers and witless foreigners who... anywhere else in the world, are as boring and thoughtless and faceless as human dial seem full of life so far far away from home.
So why Hartenstein... do you ask... did you come here?  Well, because very often that is exactly how I feel too.
I first came to Khao San Road in 1995 after having lived in Korea for a year teaching, and Bangkok was my starting point for a year of world travel.  I started with a month of solo trekking and island hoping before meeting SungJoo in China, the insanity of the Trans-Siberian train, and then later meeting my great friends Steve and Lorin in Moscow with Europe ahead.  This tourist bucket shop is still standing to....
But these wild nights take a toll, like trying to recover from any famed sin filled alley way.  Sometimes, you just want to get back to normal.
So we try... we fly away back from the cusp of insanity...and in many cases... back into oblivion.
But it's good to know you're out there, Khao San...
If for nothing else than the world needs you.  We need to cut lose and forget our minds sometimes...if only to remember who we are.

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