Friday, March 16, 2012

A Day After The Ides

"The Ides of March are come?" -Julius Caesar
"Aye Come, but not gone." -Soothsayer

So I'm backstage and in a panic... once again I've done it to myself. It's an hour before the performance and the crazy lunch lady that helps me with the stage make-up is once again applying pancake powder to a girl who wears a hood the entire play (last year she put make-up on the kid who played SpongeBob with a box on her head) the boys in The Mob are jumping over rows of chairs in the theater and poking each other in the bottom, the theater curtain is broken and won't open or close, Calpurnia has a runny nose and has informed me she will wear a surgical mask during the performance, Marc Anthony still can't remember his lines, and I've just been informed that three of the light bulbs in the spotlight are out...and to make matters worse... the star of the play, the kid I hand-picked to play Julius Caesar, the one I saw such potential in, the one I have had a thousand conversations with about being a leader by example and 'seizing the moment' has locked himself in the bathroom in a hissy fit and won't come out.

How did I get here? Why did I do this again? Performing a Shakespeare play with spazzy, uncontrollable, pubescent weirdo 7th graders? Why Man? Well, to be honest, it all started with wanting to poke a little fun at the films of Johnny Depp.

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  1. Congratulations Teacher Brian, Julius Scissorhands was funny and we all had a great time. The students say thank you, Teacher Brian.