Sunday, March 11, 2012

Getting Robbed in Bangkok / Final Burma Flickr Pics

You know, it's funny. After all the places I've been... all the back alleys I've wandered through...and I've had some scrapes, lots of fights too, but when you are robbed it's like something physically has been removed from your body. In the Bangkok airport, I turned around for just a second, and somebody swiped my small bag of necessities I carry so close... they got my credit cards, ATM, an iPod, and wads of cash... they got my house keys (believe me, returning to Taichung and having to ask for a locksmith in Chinese...well, not easy)my inhaler,and Taiwan Resident Card...thanks, jerk!
I realized only after I'd arrived back in Taipei and, oh yes... I flipped out. Thankfully I was allowed back into the country without an ARC, and I had my passport...but it was a terrible ending to a perfect trip.
(On a lighter side... check out the last Burma Flickr pics by clicking the link to the right... back in Taiwan now preparing for my Shakespeare play on Julius Caesar...but the time in Burma was priceless to me. Thank you to everyone for such a wonderful time!)

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