Friday, March 9, 2012

How to get to Mt. Poppa, Burma

Arriving at Mt. Poppa, there are monkeys and markets and dust and donkeys and stairs leading straight up the side of this massive rock.
Shoes off at the entrance and start bowing...or at least...I think this is a Buddhist Shrine.
It's actually really hard to tell... why?  Because 1.  Like everything else in Burma, it's totally filthy.  2.  All of the idols are way too life if they were purchased as an homage to specific local leaders and now... well, who wants to bow to some dude around the corner who commissioned a statue in his honor.....oh that and the monkeys.
Did I mention the trash?  This is just a square foot of landscape, but basically the entire country looks like this.
These shrines look like the dashboard of a Mexican taxi cab.
So you get to the top of Mt. Poppa and you're like... okay, seen one temple... you've seen 'em all.
But the view is cool, that's for sure.
Oh yes, here are some of the creepy statues.
At least this monkey stopped screaming and chasing people around for five seconds so I could get a picture with it...thanks for waving at the camera, buddy!  So basically, how do you get to Mt. Poppa...well, follow the monkeys and the trash and the dust.  Come on, Burma... time to clean up and keep it that way.

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