Saturday, March 17, 2012

Julius Scissorhands scene 1

Curtain Opens. There is a barren stage with two Roman Columns, a large movie screen hanging down, and an empty ping-pong table in the back.

Narrator: In the ancient days of Ping-Pongtopia, young boys and girls dreamed of only one thing: To be the greatest Ping-Pong player alive! It was a time of Gods!
Zeus: (Enter a bearded boy wearing a toga with a lightning bolt) I’m Zeus. God of Everything... Yeah, I'm immortal!
Narrator: It was a time of heroes!
Leonidas: (Enter an asthmatic and weakling looking King Leonidas from movie 300 carrying sword) This is Sparta!
Narrator: It was a time of monsters!
Medusa: (Enter green faced Medusa wearing snakes in her hair) My name is Medusa not “La-duza”!
Narrator: And it was time of man!
Pompey: (Enter Pompey wearing tank top, short shorts, high tube socks and a massive bush of black hair under his arms) I am Pompey! Yes, I have ping-pong paddles for hands (He lifts up his arm to reveal serious black arm pit hair) Fear my arm pit hair!
Medusa: Ew! I think I just got turned to stone!
Narrator: But the greatest of these was both man and monster, hero and god. Forged in the fires of Hades and crafted with the hammer of Hepheastus. His name… was Julius Scissorhands!
Scissorhands: (Scissorhands enters in white shirt and black pants, his face is painted white with black circles around his eyes. He lifts up his hands to reveal large scissor blads for fingers) You know, it’s really more of a hobby than sport.
Exit: (Exit. Lights off. Movie Soundtrack plays. Scissorhands stands alone under spotlight)

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