Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Just After the Click

 Hartenstein in a quiet moment, the old woman approaching with a tray of hot tea.
 Beautiful girl with this hair, a moment after this picture was taken she looked over and smiled.
 Men whispering low, tacking a horseshoe on in the dust.

An old woman with tattooed face steading herself with a stick as barefoot children race by kicking a bamboo soccer ball.
Day dreaming, the heavy breeze swaying that metal scale back and forth, you didn't care.
I wondered, when the sun rises another inch, will you move your chair?
An ancient look you gave me, glaring and defiant, we must have been enemies in another life or maybe you just forgot your glasses today.
This father with the junk shop, laughing so hard, waiting like a spider to pick up your son so high into the air. 
All of these things I saw today in the Bagan market... living right beside me, not noticing me at all.

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