Sunday, March 4, 2012

Photographs Taken For My Daughters

Angry Man Smoking a Leafy Cigar outside Mi Nyein Gon Temple, Bagan
Ananda Temple Corridor at Dusk, Ananda Temple, Bagan
Woman Kneeling at the Golden Buddha in Ananda Temple, Bagan
Men Loading Sticks onto a Truck, Mi Nyein Gon, Bagan
Bells at Sulamani Paya.  No Women Allowed.
Men Bathing and Washing Tunic Longshans at Sulamani Paya, Bagan
Brian Hartenstein in the Courtyard of Ananda Temple, Bagan
Beggar Boy Outside His Home at Pyathada Temple, Bagan
I took these photographs for my daughters.
Famed Sunset at Pyathada Temple, Bagan, Facing East
Young Boy with Rubber Bands for Bracelets, After Selling His Crayon Drawings to a French Woman, Pyathada Temple, Bagan
Famed Pyathada Temple, Sunset, Bagan

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