Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Speak Hands For Me!

"I do fear the people choose caesar for their king."  -Julius Caesar

Teacher Tabitha is at it again. This little 4 foot 11 powerball who best resembles Eva from Wall-E with her lazer death ray eyes hovering around students like heaps of trash she can blow away. She's reading the riot act to Stanley,the autistic kid, just shaking her finger and cursing him in the main lobby of the school
"Do you fear it?  I think you would not have it so."  -Julius Caesar

You see, Asia doesn't really know what autism is, and there's certainly no word for it in Chinese...or if there is, this professional Taiwanese teacher doesn't know it... or she wouldn't curse, scream, belittle, strike, or humiliate Stanley every day in front of the entire school. We've had our run-ins before. I've confronted her in the staff room, but she has a list of defenses... Stanley's mother asks me to do it... if I don't publically scold him he will think his actions are okay... he needs me to strike and slap him so the other students are satisfied... I do it to help him.
"Let me have men about me that are fat.  Cassius has a lean, hungry look.  Such men are dangerous."  -Julius Caesar

In Taiwan, special needs kis are usually placed in the corner of classrooms, beaten, ridiculed, or imprisoned in schools. In fact, during test week, Stanley doesn't even participate in any way. Rather, he is placed in the center of the main office where he rolls a pencil up and down his desk for 8 to 10 hours and then goes home. The reason Teacher Tabitha was scolding and striking him today was that his pencil rolled off the desk, continued to roll across the floor and stopped at the bookcase. Stanley got up to get his pencil but saw an electrical outlet... this fascinated him and he stuck the pencil inside it. So Teacher Tabitha took him into the lobby of the school, in front of the main doors, and proceeded for ten minutes to scream at him.
"So vile a thing as Caesar!"  -Julius Caesar

This is an every day occurance. And I have brought this issue up to every administrator and English speaking teacher in the office. So... again, today when I passed and saw it, I walked into the main office. There is only one English speaking staff member there... and said in very simple Chinese..."Excuse me...but... he...the boy...the student...he is special...and she...the woman...the teacher... is bad... she can't do that...okay? She can't..."
"Let's kill him boldly, but not wrathfully."  -Julius Caesar

Blank faces on office staff members is a pretty usual experience for me... The one who speaks English said..."We know. We know." Then they continued filing their paperwork and chatting among themselves.
"Give me your hands all over, one by one."  -Julius Caesar

Stanley... I'm so sorry. What I really want is to punch that teacher in the face.  I wish you were in my class.  Our Shakespeare adaptation of Julius Scissorhands is for you.

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  1. That is sad..Poor Stanley.. My heart goes to him. Stumbled upon your post while searching for Inle Lake in Myanmar,my friend told me that's her hometown. I'm a Malaysian ,currently in Thailand pursuing my graduate studies here. Really enjoyed reading your blog. Keep posting, will certainly come back here.