Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Day: 1,201

Rude. Rude beyond belief. Rude beyond the point of exasperation. Rude past the point of actual human contact. Rude like you were raised by wolves. Rude like intolerance. Rude like you’re a racist pig. Rude that borders on hate… To the kid who knocked me down in the hall today and thought it was funny, you’re rude. To the student who looked right at me in class today and cursed my face... to the boy who kicked my chair because he wanted me to get out of his way... to the boy who smirked and walked three times around his desk when I asked him to sit down... to the girls who are supposed to clean my classroom that is covered in dust and garbage and trash and just laugh in my face when I ask you to do your jobs... to the other boy who tried to stare me down today and then kept talking when I asked him to be quiet... to his buddy who kicked over his chair when I asked him to leave the room, who stormed through the hallway punching lockers when I followed him, who barged into his homeroom teacher’s office and complained about me because I was asking him for his homework… hey kid… excuse me, sorry to bother you, and please, pardon me, but if you wouldn’t mind, if it’s not too much trouble, pretty please, with sugar on top… and a cherry… would you just stand over this trap door for a second…yes, right there…yes...hahahaha… snap! Don't worry, I've done the world a favor.

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