Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter Everybody!

Although eggs and bunnies have absolutely nothing to do with the passover holiday... a big ups to Robert and Noriko for throwing their annual Easter Egg hunt for our kids.
Now... heading out into the grass in Taiwan is a life altering event...
There's mosquitoes and snakes and dog poop and pot holes and broken glass and .... did I say mosquitoes already?
Yeah, the mosquito thing is never to be underestimated.  It basically annoys every person's life in Taiwan.  Most people have these little buzzing devils in their house too and when they smash them on the walls leave the bloody carcass as a warning to others....
It makes no difference, because these little blood suckers are worse than Roman soldiers on a blood lust...
See what I did there... that was a segue... so as I digress... here's to the Passover!
Here's also to enjoying life!
Here's to hanging with your kids no matter what!
Here's to watching them grow!
Celebrating their victories!
Recording it for them until they decide to start recording it for themselves.
Little treasures these days are... easily found.  They are hiding in plain sight.

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