Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Julius Scissorhands: Curtain Call

During the performance I am always backstage, right next to the curtain, directing traffic... quieting kids down, making sure they don't miss their cues, checking them quickly before they rush on stage so that they don't forget a helmet or sword or wig or just where in the world they are at that particular moment in time.
It's like the mad rush of parenthood... trying to get your kid ready for school with the book bag packed and lunch money pocketed and homework finished and vitamins eaten and water bottle full and... well, most days it feels like this insane rush.
I'd like to admit that it slows down... that life focuses into this slow motion montage where you stand outside yourself and watch... see the triumphs, the failures, the joy, the sorrow...the work... see just all the work that goes into every one's life. But no. Instead, I rush. I blitz and duck and attack and weave... and most days even the applause is just a prelude to the next job at hand. But not this day... no, not this day.  Today I got it right.

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