Monday, April 16, 2012


I was telling someone today about Colton, about the snow in the winter... waking up shivering to this blanket of white, about riding horses and shooting guns, making bows and arrows from old hay bale strings and fishing in creeks, driving trucks and exploring forests. At Christmas my brother and I would drag the sled out into the matted down grass, out into the woods to cut down a tree and in the summer bucking hay, letting the truck roll along in first gear in the stifling heat, brushing all that sticky sweat off your arms cut up from the straw. About stone fire places and cutting wood with axes until your palms bled, about coyotes at night and herds of deer timidly sticking their noses out in the morning sunlight, about following trails through the trees, fox tracks... my dad welding in the garage and mom in the kitchen rolling dough. About old drawers full of pictures and letters you can't throw away... finding them in a shoebox and getting lost in memory and faded dreams... Man, I miss home.

(The picture above was organized by students Jenny and Vivian after showing them the Kony 2012 video phenomenon in class, and I don't care about that dude's egg cracking or the shameless self promotion... I don't care! You two girls are my silver lining.)

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