Saturday, April 7, 2012

Still Ballin in Taiwan

They ask every day... these kids, they literally ask me every day for more sports... I try to give it to them... I've asked the school for intramural programs, to schedule games with other schools, to have exhibitions... even a teacher vs. student game...but to no avail.
But one sign of encouragement... there's a new administrator downstairs and for the first time in three yeas, I can see a sign of light... a dodge ball tournament. Yeah... I know, dodge ball is the "Ultimate Game of Destruction and Degradation" but it's a start... to watch these young boys diving and leaping and working together... it's really inspiring. The players actually sweat. For many of them, it is the first physical activity they've had in an academic environment in their entire lives. I know, the strangeness of that is hard to accept. But as a teacher who has been advocating for a sports program... any kind of sports program... to see this tournament is really refreshing.
So I will continue to meet kids before and after school. Sometimes we play soccer down on the astro-turf field, sometimes we just have pick up games on the little court, but no matter what... I'm still playing... still showing these kids I've still got it... a little of it... and that they can have it too.

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