Sunday, April 8, 2012

Yamay Discovery World Amusement Park

The Yamay Discovery World Amusement Park in Taichung is a great day trip for parents looking for stuff to do outside the city.
Admission is cheap, 700 NT dollars for adults and 350 NT for kids. Although they are sticklers for height requirements.  (These are our Japanese American buddies Taka and Mako!)
Discovery World is just one part of the park which also has a hotel and a Water Park... with massive wave machine that is pretty cool on a hot sweltering Taiwan day.
We went on Children's Day... which oddly coincided with Tomb Sweeping Day... leave it to the Taiwanese to mix youth and death with a bridge of child labor... but to debunk a popular myth about traveling during Asian holidays... we had the place completely to ourselves.
My two oldest daughters are 8 and 6 and just about perfect for every ride... the big roller coaster, the spinning cyclone, the massive vomit inducing Viking, Ferris wheels, bumper cars, umbrella drop and this other monster upside down shaker (watch the pocket change). Yeah... if you're a parent with a weak stomach... just let the kids run ahead and you'll catch them later.
There are concession stands with some yucky fried food, so we brought picnic baskets and just lugged them around...
Basically, the day reminded me of running around the State Fairs back home... the rides, the smell of cotton candy, the ears of corn... it was just a cool day.
AND... I even got to watch these guys raise a hot air balloon.
There's always time for some ice cream too.
Xian went for a high swing ride... Rebekah got drenched... twice... and Kinu... she got to ride the carousel.
Hang on, Kiddo!
We end the day in true Asian Awesomeness... with painted up Russian dancers dressed as pieces of candy.  Yes, I love you, Yamay Discovery World... at least... I do today.

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