Sunday, May 13, 2012

2012 Taichung Food and Music Festival

Oh yes, it's that time of year again... this weekend Compass Magazing put on the 2012 Taichung Food and Music Festival...and it was awesome!
The weather was perfect and the crowds came out to enjoy live music and great food from local cafes, restaurants, and pubs.
Numerous clubs and organizations were out in force from animal rescue and humane societies to hiking clubs to small businesses. Hot girls included!
Of course, many local artists and street performers came ready to strutt their stuff.
As usual, it was held in the Art Museum parkway surrounded by fun little boutiques and shops that in the past have complained about the noise level of music... so this year some of the acts had went acoustic instead.  No matter, the grass is a nice place to nap or dream away.
I ran down with Xian... yes, Xian and I jog together... and though we were covered in sweat... we stopped for some cold drinks and laughed with friends sitting in the grass at some of the cool and silly things for sale.
This is a cool event for the foreign community, which just goes to show that there is a vibrant expat lifestyle here flourishing... if you want to find it  (The hippies have)
Countless boothes were run by foreign business owners who have married locals and put down roots, raising their bilingual children here as vital members of an almost hidden community. (Even the hipsters in skinny jeans like it)
So whether cooking up food, serving homemade drinks, strumming guitars or just hanging with friends, the Taichung Food and Music festival is a hit.  (Even the dog lovers dig it)
Now... to jog back home and shower. I'm wiped out!

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