Saturday, May 26, 2012

Hiawatha Sailing

"Thus aloud cried Hiawatha, in the solitary forest, by the rushing Taquamenaw, when the birds were singing gayly..."  -Longfellow

I love taking my daughters out into the night.  Out into the city to look at the lights and the shadows.  To see how the real people live.  (This is the little neighborhood temple behind our apartment where the old people gather to drink hot tea and swat away pesky mosquitoes.)
"And the tree with all its branches, rustled in the breeze of morning, saying, with a sigh of patience, 'Take my cloak, O Hiawatha!'"  -Longfellow

Tonight in the park was an old man painting, his student approached me and explained his process.  I listened while my girls darted in and out of the trees under the street lamps... we watched for a while then moved on.  Good luck, Mr. Painting Teacher!
"Give me of your boughs, O Cedar!  Of your strong and pliant branches, my canoe to make more steady, make more strong and firm beneath me!"  -Longfellow

Around the corner we came to this constructed wood and chicken wire building with all these discarded bottles attached to it.  I guess this is supposed to be... art?  Well, at least that's how I explained it to my daughters and they ran in and out holding their nose.
"And thus sailed my Hiawatha, sailed through all its bends and windings, sailed through all its deeps and shallows..." -Longfellow

It reminded me of this road trip I once took with my parents and how I started collecting bottle caps along the way from garbage on the road... and we stopped to sleep in this parking lot when about a million ants infiltrated the minivan and my treasure of bottle caps... yeah... I learned a lesson about garbage that day!
"Made a passage safe and certain, made a pathway for the people, from the springs among the mountains, to the waters of Pauwating..."  -Longfellow

There was also this clown... I know... I know...clown in the dark park.... run away!  But he made the most amazing balloon animals for my girls and we tipped him and scooted back home.  A nice night out in the cool breezes.  Summer is almost here, which means June rain.  We're ready.  We can feel it coming.

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