Monday, May 21, 2012

Kid Celebration!

How do you celebrate an awesome championship win at the Citywide Speech Contest...?  Well, ice cream and swimming... of course!

Here's little Captain America doing the Rebekah Dog Paddle.

Big Sister Xian wasn't allowed to compete this matter... let's dance instead.

Rebekah Jumping!

Jumping Again!

All in all... there is this fine line I keep thinking about... between total failure and total success.  Rebekah could have easily just started crying or given up, she could have walked on stage and vomited for all I know... she was the 16th of 18 competitors... there was a huge bathroom break just before her speech.  I know she was nervous... she could have just forgotten the who three minute speech... any number of things could have gone wrong...but it didn't... and she won instead.  As a parent, there is nothing worse than watching your child compete... just hoping for the best... that they will be successful in their attempt...not giving up, persevering, being humble... thankful at the chance.

So we spent the day celebrating the good things in life:  Swimming... ice cream... sushi... long walks home in the spring breeze.  Believe me... my kids deserved it.  All kids do.

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