Monday, May 21, 2012

御三家 Sushi House Taichung Taiwan

Welcome to 御三家, a cute and quaint little authentic sushi house just off JingCheng 7th street behind the Early Bird Cafe on Zhong Ming Rd.

This is a cool place. Friendly well dressed staff, sweet Japanese interior with the dark stained wood benches and decor, soft tatami mats, warm tea, and excellent fresh sushi.  Oh... and did I mention the Zen Rock Garden?  It Rocks!

Get your reservation in because this place always fills up.  Service is a tad slow... but that just means they're making it fresh... and it gives you plenty of time to sample some of their different drinks.  Especially an assortment of tea.

It's quiet, romantic, authentic... and clean.  Even the neighborhood is cool.  So many of these residential houses have been turned into coffee shops, small pubs, cool cafes, and live music venues.  It's a fun place to stroll or just hang out.

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