Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Thank You Cards!

For everyone back home who sent Birthday Cards, Gifts, Emails, Letters, Stickers, Video Games, Maps, Dart Guns, Elephant Tusks, Shrunken Heads, and last but not least, Leopard Skin Pillows... my eight year old daughter would like to say, "Thank You!"
It's been a pretty interesting week here in Taiwan already. Xian (for reasons that cannot be named yet on this blog for security concerns) was selected to sing in front of the entire school for the Mother's Day Extravaganza. Go Xian!
Then... she pulled out her own tooth when it was hanging there loose like a swinging gate. Nice one!
Finally, she got to skip school and hang out in a pool hall after crashing her bike. I know... I'm raising one awesome kid. Thank you to everyone! We started this year in the hospital connected to tubes and breathing machines. We've come a long way.

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