Friday, June 15, 2012

Headline: Taiwan 8th Grader Pulls Knife on Foreign Teacher for Confiscating his Pornography Magazine in Class

Shortly after saying goodbye to my graduating 9th graders today and stepping back into the staff room, I was informed that one of the Taiwanese homeroom teachers… the one affectionately known as “Lurch,” had been secretly filming foreign teachers through classroom windows.
Lurch is a tough one to figure… no smile, orders his kids around, makes them stand with their noses in the corner for over an hour, complains bitterly to his students how he “despises” foreigners and thinks we make too much money. Now he’s taken the responsibility to “film” us in an attempt to show us for the lazy, no talent hacks he's sure we are.
So while the English teachers were chewing on this piece of tasteless information, the office phone rang and there was an emergency. Upstairs, an 8th grade student was threatening to stab a teacher with an open box cutter if he did not return a book of Japanese Manga pornography that was confiscated from him.
Apparently, his homeroom teacher had said it was okay to bring the comic to school, just not to open in class… but when the foreign teacher saw it and took it, the kid walked up behind the teacher brandishing the blade, lifted his arm in a striking pose, and said, “Give me back my book or else.”
Luckily, the Seattle native English teacher had been a wrestler in high school and disarmed the student and dragged his butt to the office.
The rest of the afternoon was spent in total disbelief. As we calmly and rationally explained to confused and befuddled administrators that the police should be called, that the boy should be arrested, suspended, expelled… something… the only punishment was that he had to write a statement letter for the school, and bow once to the white foreign teacher while mumbling an apology.
Explicitly we stated to the school's director that if the Taiwanese homeroom teachers continue to disrespect, curse, spread rumors about, and condescend all foreign teachers, that this was bound to happen… that the students would pick up on this open public scorn and retaliate, but the school's director only grunted and scratched his head in a complete cloud of confusion and ineptitude. No other punishment will happen to the boy.  Story Ongoing...

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  1. I can't believe the school does nothing? Is this the only one time incident? Be careful for your safety and your students.