Friday, June 22, 2012

International School Graduation!

Today was the graduation ceremony at the International School in Taiwan.

All the students came out to hold banners, make cards, and shoot confetti and silly string.

Of course... some also came for the bubbles...

And a lot of these kids came just to get out of class!  But the weather was cooperative... after an actual canceled day of school due to a typhoon warning, and another day full of rain... a gentle breeze blew threw today creating a nice atmosphere.

This is a special tradition at the school for the underclassmen to form a parade line as graduating kids pass through.

Many of the employees dress up today to look their best.

The school's president, Ching Ding Ling, (yes, that's his name) gave a rousing speech.

And afterward all the kids clapped and cheered and cleaned up.

Here is my teaching partner, Amy May, leading her students out of the graduation ceremony.

This is going to be a hard group to say goodbye too.  We've been together for three years.  I will miss them greatly.  

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