Monday, June 11, 2012

My Daily Dose of Racist Awesomeness... Thank You, Taiwan... Again!

Today was Monday morning... the day after the Taiwanese 9th graders finished their Nationalized Exams. They've studied three years for this...spent last weekend's Saturday and Sunday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. finishing it... so when they came to school first period... you can bet, I just let them sit, talk, and decompress...
Until our genius leader...the school's Director... burst into my classroom and screamed at students to stop laughing...stop joking... put the games down...and stick their nose in a book.  Then he glared at me like I'm some criminal.

Ten minutes later I had another Taiwanese administrator at my desk. She's the one who carries a clipboard spying on me. "Brian...our Director says students should be studying this last week of school before graduation."
I look at her dead in the eyes... "You mean, they've passed their exams... they're graduating next week... they don't need to take any other classes... but in Literature class... taught by the American who gets yelled at...they have to study?"
"What if we just pretend to study? Stick our noses in an empty book, is that okay?"
"I don't understand?"
"I know you don't."

That afternoon... one of the Taiwanese 9th grade teachers brought a karaoke machine into his room for students to relax and sing...and Princess...(the older obnoxious homeroom teacher... the one who spreads lies about me) my old nemesis...allowed one of the students to bring in his X-box she hooked up to the class TV which left the room in complete chaos when I arrived to teach an afternoon class.... not reward them with fun games or a trip outside (No...remember, I was ordered to teach a lesson while others were allowed to have fun).

I confronted the Director about this... asked him why he yelled at my graduating students for laughing and talking...?  Why he had another administrator complain about me?  But he just looked stupidly at the floor and laughed.
"Is it because I am a foreigner? That's it, isn't it? You think you can get away with it because I'm just a 'whitie' a nobody? Right?"
He had no answer.
Of course he didn't.

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