Sunday, June 17, 2012

National Sarcasm Society Says: There's a Japanese Demon Lurking in the Bottom of Your Cereal Bowl

(Teacher Paul busting a 9th grader's chops about missing three weeks of class and not saying a word to him about it.  He just showed up after the National Exam was over and said, "What'd I miss?")

Throughout the usual school year, you have your good days and bad days... some weeks you're high as a kite, other's you're face down in the muck.  It's best not to get too emotional about it.  Here were some of the highlights from last week teaching in Taiwan that had its usual ups and downs.

(List of Literary Terms: I like to rattle these off in my head when I think I've wasted my professional life on ungrateful and thoughtless teenagers... but then I remember, the story IS your life.)

Yep, caught a bunch of kids cheating on the English final.  They'd stolen a test off a teacher's desk and were passing the answers around.  It's funny, the only chance they had to swipe the exam was when the teacher was outside in the hall talking to an at-risk kid about his destructive choices.  Stealing from a teacher... man, you can't get any lower than that!

(Illicit Japanese Manga hanging in 7-Eleven)

Yes, a foreign teacher did confiscate a dirty Japanese magazine from a kid and yes, the Taiwanese kid did pull a knife on the teacher... to which the administration did NOTHING!!!  The real question is, what is the school going to do about it tomorrow on Monday morning?

(Sweet illustrated Children's Bible my Mom sent for my daughter's birthday)

I'm just saying... there's options to Japanese cartoon books that could also be sold at 7-Eleven... or better yet, taught in schools!  Just a thought...

(Teacher Brian after a long day of battling for school supremacy with 15-year-olds.)

I mean... even the Giant from Jack and the Beanstalk knows what I'm talking about.

(Two of the Best!  Ping-Pong Trophies?  Nice!)

Of course, there are good kids everywhere... and some make it worth your while just to show up everyday and hang out.

(I would never confiscate a normal book from a kid... that goes against my DNA... unless it's Twilight or The Hunger Games... you can toss those in the bin with Harry Potter!)

This would be the Japanese Manga version of a school ping-pong tournament.

(Asians love cartoons!  They use little silly and comically grotesque comic characters to sell everything from dentistry work, political agendas, household appliances, and educational materials.)

I'll just say, in all matters like this, blame the Japanese.

(Weird Japanese version of a Star Trek Tribble... yeah, yeah... Google it!)

So just keep this in mind people, you never know what kind of day you're going to have when you wake up... or year for that matter... some days you jump out of bed, the sun is shining, and you're off and running... others... you've got a Japanese demon in the bottom of your Cornflake bowl just waiting to say, "Domo!  Domo!"

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