Friday, June 22, 2012

Random Graduation Notes

Yes... we graduated another batch of future leaders, artists, captains of industry... and some crooks and criminals too.  But it wasn't all serious pomp and circumstance.  No... there were some funny and random moments, like for example our school director's fascination with 7-Eleven figurines that are given out with major purchases (he also likes McDonald's Happy Meal toys).  Those figures on the stage are 7-Eleven mascots...and no, no one can explain what they have to do with graduation.

Here are the school's Big Shots!  Congratulations!  These guys have more money than Elvis and they still can't buy a decent suit or fix their comb-overs.

This is a preposterous cultural no-no... but ironically there was a funeral going on in the breakfast shop next to the school... here's the Buddha Truck brought in for a little side meditation.  And yes, the massive "Death Tent" was set up on the front steps of our school with the creepy death music blaring, and nobody said anything because it's impolite to speak of the dead.

"I am dead behind the eyes!"

Another head-scratch er was the school director's choice of Super Mario as graduation theme.  I thought about this for a long time and asked many students... most refused to tell me. Can you imagine that, refusing to tell a teacher why something is meaningful to you?  Welcome to Taiwan!  My best guess is, that Mario represents a moving to the next level.  I hope I'm right.

It was great to see Winnie return from the States.  She's doing wonderful there.

Yeah, another shot of the Buddha Truck, I couldn't resist.

After the ceremony, there was a microphone set up for students to cheer and scream.  Pretty cool.  Congratulations everyone!

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