Saturday, June 30, 2012

What Would You Rather...? The 8 Year Old Version

Oh yes... a funny thing happened on the way to the market today... we saw a bunch of creepy and gross stuff!  Which lead me to play a game with Xian:  "What Would You Rather?"  In this case... would you rather see a creepy human wig made out of chicken feathers resting on a traffic pylon... OR....

An abandoned shoe in an alleyway?  The answer?  The wig totally freaked her out!

Next Question:  Would you rather come across a half naked Taiwanese homeless man in the market beating a plastic drum...?  OR...

Cross paths with some mutilated rotting goose and turkey meat?  The answer?  Get me away from the creepy half-naked Asian man!

Next Question: What makes you more nervous... people who collect and display McDonald's Figurines on the dashboard of their car... OR...?

Chinese Fashion?  The answer?  It's Chinese fashion!  Which is more creepy than you can even imagine.  I've kind of come full circle on Asian hand-me-down clothing.  I think it would be very freeing to not have any clue or desire to know what is stylish or en vogue and rather just wear crazy pinstriped pants and polk-dot shirts and just care nothing for how I looked... Sadly... I wasn't conceived in a Wall Mart.

Next Question:  What inspires more hope or dread?  Asian women and their love of pets in baby strollers... OR...?

Restaurants that serve "live" lunch?  The Answer?  Chop that chicken up, lady!

Next Question:  What would you rather buy for your significant other?  Fly-ridden, spoiled, un-refrigerated hanging beef carcasses...?  OR...?

Lingerie on the street?  The answer?  Of course it's sexy Chinese lingerie!  I mean, just look at this sampling! What women wouldn't love to open a box of Victoria's "Dirty Alley" Secret?  I mean, really?  That's a no brainer.

Oh yes... it was a fine morning strolling around the market... last question... what would you rather?  Stay at home and never see the world... or...well, you know my answer.

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