Sunday, July 15, 2012

Basilica of Sacre-Coeur

The climb up to Monmarte's famed Cathedral of Sacre-Coeur is a must see!  This is one of my favorite places in Paris to see and be seen.

The cathedral has been beset by every possible invading army from the Germans to the Ottomans to...well, have you seen the armies of Chinese get off a tour bus armed with tripods and videocams?  Scary!

Start at the Rue de Steinkerque (yes, that's a real name!) and start your way up the steps, you can count them, over a couple hundred... but it's worth it.

Sometimes I feel like these old statues, you just climb and stand and look out and carve your memory out in marble for yourself so that you can close your eyes anytime and return like a guardian of your own self.

The basilica is so amazing, you look up in these old churches and see all the life that is above you and you realize that there is a reason people look to heaven, to hope for this wonderful lifting out of the body that we all need and desire.

Of course, the view of Paris is wonderful too.

Moving onward, toward the artists and the street painters and the vibrant markets around the corner at Palace St. Pierre.

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