Sunday, July 29, 2012

Be Not Afeard of Flying Mary Poppins or Bicycled Doves... the Isle is Full of Noises

“Be not afeard. The isle is full of noises,” -Caliban, the Tempest

The following speech by Caliban in the Tempest was read by Kenneth Branaugh during the opening ceremony of the London 2012 games... it's good to know there are people out there who love this stuff even MORE than me!
“Sounds and sweet airs that give delight and hurt not.” -Caliban, the Tempest

Running around Stratford like a complete silly dork, taking the tours and just grinning to myself, here is the first folio published after Will's death by, of course, his friends.
“Sometimes a thousand twangling instruments
Will hum about mine ears, and sometime voices…” -Caliban, the Tempest

This is the Garrick Inn which has been around since 1594.  What I love about this place is that they advertise an ale from that time, so I went in and asked about it and the bartender laughed at me and then this American tourist walked by me laughing as if to say I'm the reason most Americans are embarrassed abroad.  It was a total reversal of fortune and I loved it.
“That, if I then had waked after long sleep,
Will make me sleep again.” -Caliban, the Tempest

Speaking of things I loved... okay, the London Olympic Opening Ceremony had some head scratching moments, I'll give you that... but overall, what a smashing success.  At one point on stage there were dozens of Mick Jaggers dancing alongside dozens of Freddy Mercuries and Ziggy Stardusts.  That's pretty insane!
“and then, in dreaming,
The clouds methought would open,” -Caliban, the Tempest

But my favorite moment was when the legion of Mary Poppins fell calmly out of the sky and pushed away the Cruella DeVille and Voldemort villains.  I just about jumped out of my chair!
“and show riches ready to drop upon me,” -Caliban, the Tempest

But back to Stratford, there isn't a city in the world that does a better job of celebrating ONE of her hometown kids.  I loved traveling here and...well, as you can see from these pictures... just loved everything.
“that when I waked, I cried to dream again.” -Caliban, the Tempest

This is why reading is important... not just because you can quote alongside Mr. Monopoly during the Olympics... or that you can identify who the character in the Tempest is that is speaking... or when you come upon River Avon and see a bunch of rowboats apply named for Shakespeare heroines... but that you know why that's special.... and you just long for a moment out on the water to tell someone that.

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