Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Cult of Mona Lisa

She's everywhere... coffee mugs, t-shirts, arm tattoos, key chains, decorative tea cozies... the face of Mona Lisa dominates Paris.

As you enter the Louvre, there is a complete foot race to find her portrait.  I should know, I've been in a few foot races before.  But as you approach her, the crowd is relentless.  Cameras flashing, tourists elbowing, turning to grin and pose with her over your shoulder.  Everyone wants a piece of Lisa and her sly smile.

The question is... if you put the likeness of something on handbags and pencils and wine glasses and milk cartons and... well, does it lesson or strengthen the power of the image?  Some would say it weakens it... but then, this rush of people pushing and jostling for position to just snag their own personal picture of her... it makes you wonder, who really has the power?  Maybe that's what she thinks is so silly?

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