Saturday, July 7, 2012

Eat Your Heart Out, Quasimodo!

Oh yes... I know most of you want to punch me in the face for traveling to Paris and having such fun.  What? You don't care?  Busy with your own life?  Ahh, I see.  Well, here are some fun facts about two of my favorite Parisian places: Notre-Dame and Pont Neuf Bridge.

Literally speaking, Pont Neuf means "New Bridge," but that's only if you're speaking to someone 400 years ago, because now... it's the oldest bridge in Paris!

The Notre-Dame Cathedrale de Paris or "Our Lady of Paris" is not to be missed.  She receives over 13 million visitors each year, mostly worshippers... that's more than the Eiffel Tower.

In 1804, while visiting Notre-Dame at Napoleon's bequest, Pope Pius VII (impossible name to live up to!) just happened to be carrying the French crown around when the little vest-scratcher ripped it from the Pontiff's hands and placed it on his own dome.  Nice one, Mr. Bonaparte.

Speaking of arches... (there's no segue, really...) Pont Neuf has five arches on one side and seven on the other.  That's really... not funny, is it?

Speaking of crowns... Notre-Dame is said to house the actual "Crown of Thorns" placed on the head of Jesus.  Of course, during the French Revolution, anti-Christians almost destroyed the place...

But none of that really matters, because most people... myself included... just go to Notre-Dame because we want to see Quasimodo, the Victor Hugo hunchback made famous by Lon Chaney in that creepy 1924 black and white movie.  Man... I seriously want to meet Quasi... we have so much to talk about... his unrequited love to that wretched jerk... Esmeralda... how the biggest bell in the steeple is called "Emmanuel" and it weighs over 28,000 pounds!  "The Bells!  The Bells!"  For real...

But mostly I think it would be fun to talk to Quasimodo about what's it's like to be completely alone and feel forgotten by the world, to just pass through time as a people watcher... as a lover who isn't loved in return... or maybe loved so deeply that he doesn't see it.  Well, if you ever feel that way Quasi... I still love you, buddy!

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