Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Nietzsche in the Sky with Diamonds

"As an artist, a man has no home in Europe except in Paris."  -Friedrich Nietzsche

Who was Nietzsche?  Okay, we've covered this before, but Friedrich Nietzsche was the German philosophizing, hairbrush stach rocking, horse punching, social network criticizing, and God Obituary writing author of Thus Spoke Zarathustra... which, if you were going to own a Dodge Pinto... just consider it, will you?

I like Friedrich, but man he was uptight and way too serious, most Germans are...but his ideas were silly and full of wonder... like nihilism and the ubermensch and radical perspectivism... like I'm exhibiting here...

Anyway, today I was strolling through Montparnasse near the Latin Quarter of Paris and I saw such wonderful looking people... a man in yellow beret combing his moustache with a black pocket comb and a young woman in a skirt riding a bicycle with flowers in her basket... I wasn't expecting to think of Nietzsche, but then he found me.

Fashionable woman along the Boulevard St Jacques.

Portly man with child after playing chess along Rue Froidevaux.

Greasy kid primping at St Germain Church.

Homeless man in hard hat atop quilts on Rue D'Assas.

Old man begging for coins on Boulevard Raspail.  I gave him a pocketful and he didn't say a word.


Hurried businesswoman along Rue de L'estrarade.

The culprit of my thoughts... woman with bag at Montparnasse Metro Station at Gringy Central... I wanted to tackle her... I think she is carrying a nihilist inside her too.

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