Thursday, July 12, 2012

Rolf Potts and Brian Hartenstein in Paris

Mostly we spoke about nostalgia and the difference between remembering things as they actually happened or the way we wished they had occurred.

Rolf and I have had our adventures together.  From jumping box cars and riding the rails through eastern Washington to racing across Wyoming in the middle of the night and sleeping on the cold asphalt beside train tracks with visions of Dean Moriarty running on fumes in our heads.

We've listened to John Cash while tracing wagon wheels in the grass along the Flint Hills of Kansas and walked out into the Gulf of Mexico at Mobile, Alabama almost a mile from the shore at low tide... then went and had breakfast waffles for dinner.

As John Falstaff says to Master Shallow, "We've heard the chimes at midnight..."  Yes, we have my old friend.

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